The South Shore Way

South Shore Transportation Company, Inc. and Russell Trucking Line, Inc. have been serving high-volume shippers for over 80 years. We utilize lightweight equipment enabling our customers a maximum payload of 53,500 lbs. Our Award Winning Service is recognized by our Fortune 500 Customers. 

We exist to be a great, enduring, family owned business. We treat customers, employees and suppliers with honesty, dignity and respect. We are a superior provider of services, a responsible member of the community, and a desirable employer due to our commitment to achieving mutually beneficial, lasting relationships. 


South Shore Transportation Company, Inc. is a leading provider of premium flatbed truckload services operating mainly in Ohio and the midwest with terminals in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. We primarily haul building materials to building wholesalers and retailers and specialize in serving high volume, time sensitive shippers that demand on-time delivery of their shipments. 


EFFECTIVE 5/6/14, LOGIN PROCEDURE HAS CHANGED. If you are a current South Shore employee you can access our drivers section after signing in. Your username is the same as your payroll account username and your password is the last four digits of your SSN + your four digit birth year (8 numbers with no spaces).  Please direct any questions about logging in to Cindy at If you have not submitted your email to South Shore Transportation, please email with that information so your account can be established. An additional menu will appear once you are logged in. If you have questions about the payroll website, please call Tammy at 419.626.6267 or


Are you thinking about driving for South Shore Transportation? We are a large truckload carrier in the midwest. Whether you’ve got thousands of miles under your seatbelt or you’re embarking on a new career path, this is your on-ramp toward a career that delivers.