1920's - Russell Trucking Line was founded by Albert Meyers in the mid 1920's and named the company after his youngest son, Russell. Russell Trucking Line was initially a milk hauler located in Berlin heights, OH. Russell Trucking Line also started to haul a few loads for the United States Gypsum Company (USG) out of Gypsum, Ohio during this time frame. Prior to this, almost all USG products were moved by rail. 

1930's - Russell Trucking begins hauling for the Sandusky Portland Cement Company out of Bay Bridge, Ohio. 

1946 - Russell Trucking Line was formally incorporated in October of this year.

1952 - Russell Trucking Line Inc. begins to haul cement for the Medusa Cement Company (formerly the Sandusky Portland Cement Company) out of the Wampum, Pennsylvania facility.

1967 - Sometime during 1967 we began hauling USG materials out of Shoals, Indiana with 5 tractors. Through the cooperation and insistence of the Plant Manager, John Burns, the shipping out of Shoals converted from nearly all rail to nearly all truck by 1970. Duke Meyers and his two brothers sold Russell Trucking Line Inc. to Consolidated Leasing Corporation of America (CLC) at the end of 1967. 

1968 - In February of 1968 Duke Meyers, still the President of Russell Trucking Line Inc., hired Peter Hanley who had been working for Columbia Cement Company as his Supervisor of Maintenance and Purchasing. April 1, 1968, Russell Trucking Line Inc. began hauling shingles for Certainteed. We also hauled limestone from a siding near the plant to the Certainteed silo.

1973 - Towards the end of 1973, Duke Meyers retired and Peter Hanley became the company's President. 

1975 - In September of 1975, Peter Hanley purchased the company from CLC. 

1980 - Congress passes the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 which provides for sweeping deregulation of the trucking industry. 

1984 - Deregulation gives birth to South Shore Transportation Company Inc. as a spin-off from Russell Trucking Line in 1984. Russell Trucking ceases operations in 2003. South Shore was incorporated into the name since its offices were located on the "south shore" of Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio. 

1991 - Peter Hanley's son Cole Hanley begins working for South Shore Transportation Company Inc. and begins automating many labour intensive accounting functions. 

1992 - We begin hauling shingles for Owens Corning Fiberglass Company. We also begin to haul preformed concrete panelled walls for FABCON, LLC. 

2001 - During the summer of 2001, we begin hauling for Lowe's. 

2004 - South Shore Logistics is created. South Shore Transportation Company installs two-way land-based communication system in all over-the-road trucks. 

2015 - We begin hauling drywall for CertainTeed Corporation. 

2022 - South Shore is purchased by TFI International