Ohio and the Midwest, usually staying within a 600-mile radius from Columbus, OH.

  • Asset Based Trucking Company
  • 100% Company Drivers


  • We carry dedicated equipment across various states
  • 125 late model Volvo and Freightliner tractors
  • 250 48' x 102' East Flatbed trailers all equipped with 8' drop tarps 
  • 25 Heil Bulk 1040 cuft trailers 
  • 40 53' Van trailers 


  • Bulk - We service high-volume, time-sensitive shippers utilizing 1040 cuft pneumatic trailers. We have 27-ton capability with our lightweight equipment.
  • Brokerage - We created a brokerage division allowing us to respond to cyclical market demands of our high-volume, time-sensitive shippers. The brokerage division provides us access to carriers to ease those cyclical demands. Our carrier partners have not only met all state and federal requirements, but have also met our vigorous qualifying criteria. 
  • EDI - In-house EDI staff to handle 204, 990, 214, and 210 documents
  • Satellite Tracking - All tractors have on-board computers for satellite tracking